Brown Trout


These fall spawning beauties are a dream fish to many anglers. They grow to sizes seen almost no where else in the country. Typical browns range from 4# up to 10# but a high teens fish is never out of the question. Browns are in the river from late October through early December.



Steelhead are many anglers' favorite fish to target in the Salmon River, for good reason! Fresh run steelhead will leave you shaking your head in disbelief at the speed and length of their multiple runs. Landing one of these trophies is something that will change you, and will keep you wanting more! Steelhead season runs from late October through April.

Rainbow Trout


A lake run fish that comes into the river in full spawning colors in the fall and early winter. These fish are a beautiful fall spawning rainbow trout that have a dark green back contrasted by a brilliant crimson stripe. These are some of the most beautiful fish that can be caught in the Salmon River.